What to plant each month

(Total: 30)
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  • Name Hardiness Method Harvest
    Brussels sprouts HB local_drink Early August
    Cabbage HB local_drink Late July
    Coriander TA local_florist Late April
    Corn Salad HA local_florist Early May
    Endive HB local_florist Late May
    Mizuna HA local_florist Early May
    Pak Choy HA local_florist Late April
    Rocket HA local_florist Mid May
    Beetroot HB local_florist Late June
    Chives HP local_florist Early July
    Collard Greens HA local_florist Late May
    Kale HB local_florist Early July
    Leeks HB local_florist Early August
    Lettuce HA local_florist Late May
    Mustard Greens local_florist Early May
    Parsley HB local_florist Early September
    Radish HA local_florist Late April
    Shallots HP local_florist Late June
    Turnip HB local_florist Late May
    Broccoli HB local_florist Late July
    Kohlrabi HA local_florist Early June
    Oregano HP local_florist Early May
    Rutabaga HB local_florist Early June
    Salsify HB local_florist Late July
    Silverbeet HB local_florist Mid October
    Beans - Broad Beans HA local_florist Mid June
    Cauliflower HB local_florist Mid August
    Garlic HP whatshot Late October
    Onion HB local_florist Mid October
    Spinach HA local_florist Late May
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    Prepare to sow next month