What to plant each month

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  • Name Hardiness Method Harvest
    Asparagus Pea HA local_florist Late December
    Beans (Climbing) TA local_florist Late December
    Beans (Dwarf) TA local_florist Late December
    Broccoli HB local_drink Late February
    Cabbage HB local_florist Late February
    Celeriac HB local_drink Early March
    Celery HB local_drink Late March
    Chicory HB local_florist Mid February
    Coriander TA local_florist Late November
    Cucumber TA local_florist Late December
    Daikon TA local_florist Mid December
    Dill HA local_florist Mid November
    Horseradish HP spa Early March
    Lemon Balm HP local_florist Mid December
    Marrow TA local_drink Late January
    NZ Spinach HP local_drink Mid January
    Onion HB local_florist Early May
    Oregano HP local_florist Early December
    Parsley HB local_florist Late March
    Pumpkin TA local_florist Mid February
    Rhubarb HP spa Early October
    Rockmelon TA local_drink Early February
    Sage HP local_florist Mid April
    Salsify HB local_florist Mid February
    Squash TA local_drink Mid January
    Sunflower TA local_florist Late December
    Sweet Corn TA local_florist Mid January
    Tomatillo local_drink Early January
    Tomato TA local_drink Late February
    Winter Savory HP local_drink Early December
    Yacon nature Early April
    Zucchini TA local_drink Early January
    Amaranth TA local_florist Early December
    Artichokes (Globe) HP local_florist Late January
    Asparagus HP spa Early April
    Basil TA local_florist Late December
    Beetroot HB local_florist Late January
    Burdock HB local_florist Mid February
    Cape Gooseberry HA local_florist Late January
    Capsicum TA local_drink Early February
    Carrot HB local_florist Mid January
    Chilli Peppers TP local_drink Early February
    Chives HP local_florist Late January
    Eggplant TP local_drink Late February
    Kohlrabi HA local_florist Early January
    Leeks HB local_drink Early March
    Lettuce HA local_florist Mid December
    Luffa TA local_florist Early January
    Mint HP local_drink Late December
    Mustard Greens local_florist Late November
    Parsnip HB local_florist Early May
    Potato TP visibility Late January
    Radish HA local_florist Late November
    Rocket HA local_florist Early December
    Silverbeet HB local_florist Early May
    Strawberry from seeds HA grid_on Late December
    Turnip HB local_florist Early December
    Watermelon TA local_drink Late January
    Endive HB local_florist Late December
    Peas HA local_florist Early December
    Snow Peas HA local_florist Mid January
    Spinach HA local_florist Early December
    Spring Onion HB local_drink Late December
    Angelica HB local_florist Late December
    Borage HA local_florist Mid December
    Chinese Cabbage HA local_florist Mid December
    Florence Fennel HB local_florist Late January
    French Tarragon HP local_florist Mid November
    Jerusalem Artichoke HP nature Mid February
    Marjoram HP local_drink Mid December
    Rosella HB local_florist Mid March
    Rosemary HP local_florist Early October
    Summer Savory HP local_florist Early December
    Thyme HP local_florist Early September
    Yam HP nature Mid February
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